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Jedi Cadence Support May 2, 2012 29 Cadence Desktop Pro : Mac / Troubleshooting

Check that both your library file and your media folder exist in the same location. This can be iTunes default location or another location you've decided.

Check that you are using one of the support languages. English, German, Italian, Danish, French, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese or Dutch.

Updated : 7/28/12 ( update coming to CDP to permanently fix this.)

Check that your iTunes path has iTunes/iTunes Media rather than iTunes/Music.

See Photo.



If you need to change it. Change the name of the folder to "iTunes Media" from a finder window.


 Then from within iTunes / Preferences



Make sure to locate your iTunes library again from within iTunes. Do this by pressing the " Change " button and locating the new location.



Then also restart Cadence Desktop.


Jedi Cadence Support January 14, 2011 5 Cadence Desktop Pro : Mac / Troubleshooting

If no music is showing in Cadence Desktop , check these items.

1. Cadence Desktop has been sandboxed per Apples restrictions. This means both your library file and your media folder must exist in the same location. A good rule of thumb is to mimic iTunes default folder structure as well.

2.  Cadence Desktop is only compatible with an iTunes library created in English ,German, Danish, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. You must create a new library if you don't have one, and import any music you want analyzed into that new library that is created as one of our supported languages.

3. Is the music you have protected by DRM? DRM music is not compatible with Cadence Desktop. You could however upgrade your music to DRM free using iTunes Plus service. Click here for more info.

4. Do you already have BPM'S assigned to the music you are trying to analyze? Cadence is setup by default to only analyze music that doesn't already have a BPM. If you want to see all music , you can remove the filter in the Preferences of Cadence Desktop.

4.Is your music in a Wav , Apple Lossless , Mp3, AAC, or AiFF format? It must be to show in CDP.


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